Subject Re: [ib-support] Firebird forums
Author Frank Ingermann
Hi Helen,

Helen Borrie wrote:
> ...not to mention the Lists & Newsgroups page on the official Firebird
> site,, which describes the lists (including their
> purposes, rules and intended audiences)...?? Click through from the top
> menu on any page.
> The Firebird site (not surprisingly) has links to just about anything
> pertinent to Firebird.
> heLen

Oops -- how could i possibly miss this one???

Thanks for the note, Helen - just updated my page...

P.S. if you (or anyone else involved in the project) think that my site is
interfering with in any negative way, please drop me a note. My
intention with is to *support* Firebird, not to confuse or mess
things up :-)


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