Subject Re: Controlling updates to the same record by 2 users
Author csswa
--- In ib-support@y..., "Stevio" <redeagle@f...> wrote:
> What I would like to happen is that the changes by the second user
> rejected, or at the very least they are given a warning to say that
> record has been updated since they opened it and do they want to go
> with their changes.
> How do I do this? Can this be controlled through transactions?

Aye carumba!

Two things: learn about client-server databases and transactions
generally; then make sure you understand about record locking,
specifically about Firebird's concurrency controls and
multigenerational architecture.

Once you think you understand transactions and locking, use an
Interbase frontend to create two concurrent transactions, and
experiment with updating the same record from both. If you truly
understand the concepts then you will know which transaction will
succeed and which will fail.

All this information is available in the Interbase docs and elsewhere
on the net. I presume you are new to client-server databases. Take
some time to learn the concepts because you will be up the proverbial
creek if you don't. Good luck.

Andrew Ferguson
-- Misleading, but legally accurate.