Subject Re: [ib-support] Firebird, Debian on Sparc -> Porting started?
Author Paul Reeves
zifnabbe wrote:
> I would like to run Firebird on Sparc under Debian. It looks like
> there are no official ports of these. Perhaps others have already
> tried?

I haven't heard of anything, but that doesn't mean someone hasn't had a go.

> If not, can porting that difficult?


> ie does it means code changes etc?

Not usually. The issues are more mundane - compiler settings, platform
specific #DEFINEs...

> Just to see if I'm even able to try to port.

You should take this over to the Firebird-devel list on sourceforge. It
is bread and butter stuff for the Firebird team. There is lots of
experience with porting to different platforms.

If you want Fb1.0 your first step will be to get the boot kit to work.
If you are not fussed about getting a production server going then I'd
recommend that you go with the firebird2 codebase. It uses autoconf and
doesn't require a boot kit.

Before any of that you need to checkout the source from CVS. Fb1 is in
the interbase module and Fb2 is in the firebird2 module.



Paul Reeves
Supporting users of Firebird and InterBase