Subject Re: [ib-support] Re: TCP Port
Author Edwin Pratomo
Helen Borrie wrote:
> No, it's configurable. 3050 is just the default.

yup, and on Linux, it's /etc/services

> >Once the service is demanding a specific port, the OS needs to open that
> >port for listening and that's what the services file does.
> The clients need the matching entry in the local Services file. I'm fairly
> certain that, when it's set up in both places, it works.
> Sans the client services entry, there is an element you can add to the
> TCP/IP connection string to access a non-default listening port. I *think*
> the syntax is
> Servername:nnnn:/path_to_database_on_Unix
> Servername:nnnn:D:\path_to_database_on_Win32