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Author Alan McDonald
I'd like to jump in here...
changing the port number in the services file will not change the port on
which IB/FB is listening. It will only define a port for the server to
operate with should there be a service wanting to use it.
In the case of IB/FB it (i imagine - please correct me) is "hard wired" to
use 3050 and to change it would need a recompile after changing the source
Once the service is demanding a specific port, the OS needs to open that
port for listening and that's what the services file does.
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I have no idea except that the FB1 Release Notes state:

"Connection now defaults to Port 3050. The client and server will
now use TCP port 3050 if no entry in the Services file is found."

Ah-ha! So you'll need to add an entry to your SERVICES file. Mine
lies in C:\WINNT\system32\drivers\etc.

David R. Robinson had this to say in an article from the 12th Annual
Borland Developer's Conference:


Updating the TCP/IP services file
If your client application will be using TCP/IP to connect to the
InterBase server, you will need to be sure that the services file
contains the gds_db entry. The services file is called "services."
(no extension). The services file is found in the Windows folder on
Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows Me. The services file is found
in the System32/drivers/etc folder on Windows NT and Windows 2000.
If the services file does not contain an entry for gds_db, then you
will need to add the following line to the services file:

gds_db 3050/tcp # InterBase

WARNING: It is crucial that you add the gds_db line to the services
file. You do not want to overwrite an existing services file with a
new one containing just the gds_db entry. Doing so would most likely
cause other applications to stop functioning.

Note: If you are installing InterBase on Windows NT or Windows 2000,
a normal user does not have rights to modify the services file. You
will have to run the installation program while logged in as a user
with Administrative rights.


So I guess you just change the port number to what you need...

Andrew Ferguson
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> Hi. How can I change the default Firebird/Interbase tcp port 3050?
I can use another port?
> TIA.
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