Subject Re: [ib-support] setNull doesn't work
Author Claudio D'Angelo
I've understand the matter. But I think that the driver can parse
the statement to change the = ? in is null when i set a value with setNull

It's true that the jdbc specification it's clear but It's a logical think
execute this parsing in where condition case.

In this case the PreapredStatement is useless if you have any possibility
to have a null value in where condition (for select, update, delete)

This is all

Thank's a lot to all for help

Good work

At 18.26 30/07/2002 +0200, you wrote:
>there is one thing that I think you do not understand. NULL is not a value,
>it is a state. That is one reason for it not being possible to write
>something like
>SELECT <something>
>FROM <somewhere>
>WHERE <field> = NULL
>NULL simply means unknown. E.g. I expect you are not that much of a soccer
>fanatic that you know the Norwegian league very well. But the fact that you
>do not know how many points Bryne and Viking have doesn't mean that they
>have the same number of points. You simply don't know (and I won't tell you
>;o). To separate the state of unknown from known values it is treated
>differently, e.g. by having to specify IS NULL rather than = NULL in where
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