Subject Re: [ib-support] setNull doesn't work
Author Luca Lafranchi
Hi Claudio :)

The setNull method DO work. But you must understand that it isn't a JDBC
driver task to build an SQL statement for you...
The meaning of PreparedStatement is that it is precompiled, and this
means that as soon as you call Connection.prepareStatement("select
..."), and before any call to setXXX methods, the statement is sent to
the engine and parsed. So neither the driver nor the engine have any
idea of which parameters you will be setting and therefore your
statement cannot be modified...


Claudio D'Angelo wrote:
> At what to be used for the PreparedStatement if I have to build dinamically
> the statement given that the setNull doesn't select the data?
> The setNull isn't useful and if i have the possibility to have null value
> the PreparedStatement isn't useful too.
> At 10.35 30/07/2002 +0200, you wrote: