Subject Re: [ib-support] Performance, database size etc
Author Dimitry Sibiryakov
On 25 Jul 2002 at 20:58, zifnabbe wrote:

>I'm wondering how safe I'm when creating a database concerning
>performance and fragmentation etc for the future of the database. Is
>this something I've to worry about?

You don't need to worry about fragmentation, workspace and log
sizes and other boring Oracle features. DB file will grown when it is
necessary. But depending on the version of your server you may bother
about adding secondary files in order to keep every DB file size less
than 2GB.
To be fragmented is a normal state for IB DB. And it falls to this
state quite fast. Of course the performance of unfragmented DB is
higher, so it is recommended to perform backup-restore cycle from
time to time (once per month, quarter or year depending on the size
and user activity). But be care and not to delete the original DB
before restored DB has proved itself "good".

> What about the PageSize? What's the best setting of that, is it
> still changeable in the furture?

There is no hard recipes. I'd suggest keep the page size divisible
by the size of your file system block (cluster). 4 KB is quite
suitable for me.
And the only moment for page size to be changed is during restore
from backup.

> Which other parameters are important?

Cache size is important, but read documents on
before playing with this.

> Is the default setting of PageSize ok?

No! It is 1 KB and was developed at the time when hard drives and
databases were relativelly small.

>How can I measure the performance of a firebird database? Somewhere an
>howto about that?

Performance of database is very depend on the DB structure. Wrong
desing (not taked FB/IB pecularities into consideration) can lead to
disappointing results.

SY, Dimitry Sibiryakov.