Subject Re: [ib-support] Re: Repost - Size of Optimizer Block exceeded
Author Helen Borrie
At 01:16 AM 26-07-02 +0000, Francis Moore wrote:

>Thanks for responding. I will admit my knowledge of
>Interbase/Firebird and IBObjects as being comparitively very limited
>and its helpful to know that the problem has not been encountered.
>I have solved the problem. I'm not sure that this has anything to do
>with PLAN's etc.

It might even be a Delphi error...

>All I was attempting to do was:-
>1. Iterate through Table A
>2. Call a routine on another form with Query on Table B against
>criteria derived from Table A. The Query was opened and closed on
>each occasion as it would normally be called from other parts of the
>application just once.
>This approach caused the Size of Optimizer Block exceeded error.

Still insufficient info to finger the problem but it does seem as if you
are doing stuff on the client that ought to be done on the server.

>I went back to basics and created a specific solution for the bulk
>run keeping Queries A & B open - ie opening just once - and the
>problem is solved.
>However this leaves me with a niggling doubt as to whether repeated
>individual calls to the routine are over a busy operator day going to
>cause the Size of Optimizer error. Would this indicate some sort of
>memory leak?
>My general approach is to keep queries open for the minimum amount of
>time - I thought this was good practice - but in the light of
>my 'experience' I'm not sure.
>In view of the above I'm not sure that any further detail is
>necessary but if you still think that its related to the PLAN then
>I'll gladly provide further information.

As I commented before, I've never seen this error and could only guess at
what caused it. However, from the description you've given here (too vague
to draw any conclusions) it might well be coming from Delphi, not the
database at all.

If you are interested in pursuing this, I suggest constructing a new
question with much better detail of your SQL and the mechanics of your
handler code, and posting it to the ibobjects forum. The ib-support forum
is for Firebird/Interbase problems, and client application architecture is
off-topic here...the ibobjects forum is 100% IB/FB + Delphi/BCPPB
developers! :-)


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