Subject Re: [ib-support] FIB and filesize
Author Ivan Prenosil
> From: Ann W. Harrison
> >The current ODS still uses 32 bit numbering of pages, so the maximal db
> >size is
> >4K*4G (for 4K page size and unsigned page numbering).
> >Large enough for me, but less than 2^64 :-)
> But the max page size is 16K so ...

Yes, for this reason I wrote the formula (using typical page size
as example) and not the result.

In an older mesage Ann wrote:
> Yes, the page number is a longword, but the size of a page is described
> by an SSHORT in some places. We gave up on 32K pages for that reason.
> There is also doubt about the efficiency of larger pages - we need to
> do more testing.

Did anybody actually test/compare performace with larger pages ?