Subject Re: Firebird on Mac OS X
Author g868avx
--- In ib-support@y..., John Bellardo <bellardo@c...> wrote:

Hey, thanks for replying John. And if I remember from the install
docs, you did the port to OS X, so a big thanks for that too.

I'm looking at building my new business on OS X, Webobjects and
Firebird. I've been researching RDBM systems for months, and decided
that Firebird was the most suitable. If the OS X port didn't exist,
it would be forcing me into basing my business on Win2k instead...

First of all, apologies: it was the 1.0 release, not RC 1 (I
misrembered how they were described in the download page).

I'll follow your suggestion about creating a database in order to
test the install, with 'SYSDBA' as the user id. I'll report back on

regards, Bernard