Subject Re: Connecting to Firebird via TCP/IP
Author evenduin
Hi Helen,

the Language i am trying to use is REBOL from REBOL Technologies Inc.

There is a free support for MySQL-databases written by a User. As
MySQL lacks some features included in Firebird i would prefer to use

I am not the professional Programmer, so i came with limited
knowledge of programming an connection interface.

I will try to get myself through the API docs.

What i expected was something like this:

-Open the IP-Port

-insert connection String

-insert the SQl-Statement

-read results from the port

-close Port

There must be some handshaking between the Client and the DB-Server.
What i need to know is, what kind of data the Server is expecting
during this handshake?

So perhaps this will be precise as my first posting


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> >Hi List,
> >
> >i am new here and came over from MySQL to try out Firebird for my
> >purposes.
> >
> >If i want to connect to Firebird with a non standard Language
> >supporting TCP/IP for Connectionsas well as Ports.
> >
> >What is the procedure for the connection ( Connection-String,
> >informations etc. )?
> connection string if the server is on Linux:
> servername:/path_to_db/mydb.gdb
> e.g., my Linux server is coolduck and my dbs are in my /data/
> partition. Here's what my Pascal/IBO clients on Windows or Linux
connect to:
> coolduck:/data/fbdb/test/test_d3.gdb
> Not sure what you mean by "a non standard Language". Firebird has
an API
> through which you can specify things like client character set...
> >Can't find anything in the docs!
> Have you read the Operations Guide? (OpGuide.pdf).
> You'll need the API guide (APIGuide.pdf) if you are planning to
write your
> own client connection routine; or the Embedded SQL Guide if you
> planning to write embedded SQL apps.
> There are encapsulated connection interfaces available for PHP4,
> Perl, Delphi, Kylix, Java and several others. You can look at the
> headers in ibase.h (in the /include directory).
> heLen
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