Subject Re: [ib-support] How to create a new user equal to sysdba
Author Ivan Prenosil
> I need to create a new user to perform sysdba functions because I have to
> log on with a specific userid supplied by my ISP in order use IBconsole to
> manage my database.
> I can create users with IBconsole, and I can see how to create roles and
> assign priviledges like select,update ....etc
> How do I assign the same priviledges (e.g. table create ....everything like
> a sysdba) to my new user.

Depends on which privileges you want.
You can't have user with exactly the same rights like sysdba, but:

E.g. table create is not limited at all - everybody who can connect
can also create tables in your database ! (not that it is a good idea to
mix several table owners in single database).

Backup of database can be done by sysdba or database owner.

As you mentioned roles, you can pass grant authority to other users
by using "... with grant option" clause in grant statement.