Subject Re: [ib-support] odbc driver for Access
Author Paul Schmidt
On 23 Jul 2002 at 9:07, elisabeth wrote:

> Is there a free odbc driver to connect to Firebird from Access 2002?
> EH

There are free odbc drivers, whether they can work with Access 2002 or not, is
another thing. There is the XTG driver, and the ODBCJDBC driver, that are both
free. I suggest you download a copy of each, and try both, if it works bonus, if not
both of these drivers are works-in-progress, and what doesn't work this week may
work next.

Now with the ODBCJDBC driver you have to get the sources from the firebird CVS
and build your own binaries, the last time I checked the binary at was from July 2000, which is positively ancient and almost as
buggy as PervasiveSQL. If you don't have MSVC available, email me privately and
I will send you the binaries built from the latest CVS. There is a mailing list for the
development of this driver (see the firebird mailing lists on sourceforge for details),
if you need help.

XTG's ODBC driver is available from XTG's website, which I think you can get to
from the ibphoenix site. If you have problems there is an email address for
problems available from the website.

Paul Schmidt, President
Tricat Technologies