Subject RE: [ib-support] force disconnect users
Author Scott Taylor
At 12:46 PM 23/07/2002, you wrote:
>On the same note, though, let's say you back up once a day at 6:00 am.. What
>happens to all the data that's been entered into the database, deleted or
>changed from 6:15 am (when the backup finished) and 5:00 am the next day,
>when the hard drive blows up. I mean physically blows up ?? Same problem,
>bigger scale.

That's quite obvious isn't it?

That's why we have mirroring systems, drives, databases and gbak. If you
like you could run gbak every hour and back the whole thing up on a
rotating system on some other hard drive in another building or even just
mirror the database. All these things do not require IB/FB to be
shutdown. It all depends on how robust you want your backups and how many
minutes of data you can afford to loose.