Subject Re: [ib-support] FB slow, delay on W2k server
Author Scott Taylor
At 08:38 AM 23/07/2002, you wrote:
>following problem:
>(W2k server 256MB RAM, TokenRing Lan,
>FB1.0, Client access over BDE (TCP/IP),
>using stored procedures, gdb is ~100MB)
>when calling a complex stored procedure for retrieving data,
>always the first 20-30sec nothing seem to happen on the
>server (looking on taskmanagers process load).
>After this time process load of IB-server goes up as expected
>to 80-90% and returns then result set to client.
>After switching to Winnt 4 server we see 'normal' expected
>behaviour => directly after SP is called processor load goes
>up to 80-90%
>We tried to connect the client over a mini hub to W2k server
>also over crosscable, but this delay is still there.
>Anybody had similar experience and can help with an answer?