Subject Re: [ib-support] API XSQLVAR struct ?
Author Raul Chirea
Hi William,

From: "William L. Thomson Jr." <support@...>

> I am a bit confused here. Please excuse my lack of knowledge when it
> comes to C/C++.

You are (excused ;-) !

> I am working with some modified API examples to better understand how to
> work with FB using C++.

Did you read the API guide ? It contains every step needed to access IB/FB
using API and good descriptions of the data structures.

> I am pretty confused about the
> XSQLVAR.sqldata
> In the ibase.h file it says it's the address of the data.
> Defined as a char ISC_FAR *sqldata;
> First of what is ISC_FAR.
> It seems as though things work the same with or without it, and it is
> defined in the header file, but has no value.

If you are using other OS but DOS ISC_FAR means nothing (as you observed).

> Further more why is the only way to retrieve the actual data is by using
> a struct with a var inside the struct to get the data from the position
> in the row?

I'm not sure I understand your question !
Anyway, "char *sqldata" is a buffer you must allocate to receive data into
it, as well as "short *sqlind" if you want to have a "null" indicator.