Subject Re: [ib-support] dbexpres for Firebird
Author Thomas Miller
Count me in as a beta tester!

Daniel Rail wrote:

> At 19/07/2002 04:34 PM, you wrote:
> >Until now, there is no problem with the IB driver. When new versions
> come, I
> >don't know...
> For Firebird 1.5, I'm not sure yet. But, I know that for Firebird 2.0
> there will be problems. You still have the time to develop using the IB
> driver.
> I might be developing a dbExpress driver, if my colleagues could make up
> their minds on what connection library we're going to use(multiple RDBMS
> support is the target). If it's dbExpress, which is my wish, I'll
> have to
> develop the dbExpress driver for future compatibility, but if it's not, I
> wont be developing the driver for awhile.
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