Subject Re: Solution to GDB/SYSTEM RESTORE issue :-)
Author csswa
--- In ib-support@y..., Scott Taylor <scott@d...> wrote:

> You may disable WFP by setting the value SFCDisable (REG_DWORD) in

Yep, although you can sneak the modded file past WFP if you are quick
to copy/paste to appropriate directories, might be advisable to take
the extra step of turning WFP off then on after the edit. I guess
the best action would be to try the sneak attack first (only needs
one reboot to confirm it 'took'), and if that doesn't work then try
the other (switching off WFP to make the edit).

I still think the new FILELIST.XML needs to be in the DLLCACHE, for
whenever WFP might get triggered by changes to the RESTORE folder
(still unsure how this works -- can't boot to XP for a while). I
suppose users can switch off WFP permanently and avoid any hassles,
but whether that's advisable... :-) I suppose on a production
machine that nobody else fiddles with...