Subject Re: Solution to GDB/SYSTEM RESTORE issue :-)
Author csswa
System File Protection, or its new name Windows File Protection
(WFP), is different to System Restore.

Only XP has System Restore.

XP, ME, and Win2000 have Windows File Protection in somewhat
different flavours.

The GDB extention problem only applies to XP, given that it is a
System Restore issue. (Sorry about dragging Win2000 into this -- got
confused myself).

Windows File Protection is documented here:

The solutions we are discussing involve:

1) getting around the WFP on FILELIST.XML
2) modifying FILELIST.XML, the file that dictates which files are
monitored for system restore

Please state explicitly that your solution survived a reboot. I
suspect yours didn't, Philippe??

Andrew Ferguson

--- In ib-support@y..., "Philippe Makowski" <makowski@a...> wrote:
> for me the solution was even simple with XP
> Boot with systemrestore disabled
> Enabled systemrestore
> That's all