Subject RE: [ib-support] ib_sort Files
Author Leyne, Sean

> I looked at my temp directory and discovered many ib_sort_ files...

That's 'expected'

> Someone has already discussed that this files are for queries that
> doesn´t use indexes.

Temporary files are used for both unindexed searches as well as all sort

> My DB has only 20 MB but the sort files together have 76 MB. Is my
> Database design so bad to have such disparity?

I suspect that most of the files have been 'stranded' by the engine --
abrupt shutdowns/abends are the typical cuase.

> Is there any way (index) so that Firebird use less of this sort_files?

Not really.

In Firebird v1.5, you will be able to designate a chunk of memory which
will be used for sort/temp file operations. Currently, the engine
caches about 128-256Kb before writing to temp files/disk. It will make
quite a difference for those of use who have servers with a lot a