Subject RE: [ib-support] ODBC Driver
Author Roger Pullen
Try Gemini IB ODBC driver v2.0


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From: daxydoggie [mailto:craigturner@...]
Sent: 18 July 2002 17:36
Subject: [ib-support] ODBC Driver

ASAP...Can someone recommend a good fast bullet proof ODBC driver for
a VB application to use. The app is on a W2K/W98 client machine
running a IB 5 Client, talking to an NT server running a IB 6
database (firebird 1). We've got to use the 5 client for
technical/compatibility issues. I've got some details on the Easysoft
driver, is this ok or can someone recomend something decent? We've
tried using the visigenic one but this seems very slow.


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