Subject Re: [ib-support] Security and ignorance
Author Artur Anjos

This group is for tech support only. If you want to create a general
discussion about this, it should be at IBDI.

IBDI it's a nice newsgroup. It stays calm for some days, until some one post
something tech by mistake, or until someone says something like 'I don't
want my database to use a operating system for security. I want strong
encryption embbebed, and I want the security file to be inside my database'.
Next, we discuss it for 2/3 days, until someone take some time to look at
firebird open features list, and see something like:

451947 "Over the wire" connection encryption
451938 Configurable server network settings
451948 Database encryption
229239 Password algorithm poor
213433 Poor IB security in Unix installed version
453322 location of user lists /DB Permission/

I will not continue this list, because we will need something to discuss in
IBDI. :-)


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