Subject Re: [ib-support] Error - Connection Lost To Database (ISC-335544741)
Author Helen Borrie
At 05:56 PM 16-07-02 +0530, you wrote:
>Dear Friends,
>I am Using FB on NT and Sometimes On w98 Locally.
>I am Using IBO 3.6 Dg and Native Queries/Comps for User Interface with D5.

Maybe related to your troubles, maybe not - but you can't perform inserts
into FB database tables using IBO 3.6 Dg. You will need to get
build 821 of Firebird; or upgrade your IB Objects to a patch version 4.2Gc
or higher.

>Many times I am Getting the Error ISC-335544741 Connection Lost to
>Earlier the suspect was Networking Hardware and NT since the Log file was
>showing frequent Inetd errors. Surprisingly if u backup and restore the
>the error is vanishing even on same NT/Network. No other parameters
>were changed. The databsae sizes are also comparatively small 50 MB to
>100MB max.
>Today i received same error on Standalone PC with w98 and FB the
>application exe is same but accessing local database of size about 20 MB.
>I dont know exactly why this is happening.
>One more thing i furgot to tell. I am using a Threded Timer with 5 sec
>time interval
>which checks no of Users connected to the database. Its just, IMHO, fancy
>requirement of client, he wants to see on front panel, right now how
>many users
>are working on system.
>Is No of Users connected checking problematic to Firebird ? I read
>that earlier there was some bug with that facility in IB and has been
>fixed in FB.

I don't think it is fixed in FB - the problem of the API call to query the
number of users causing a server crash if it is made during an automatic
sweep. Do you know whether your databases are set up to do auto sweeps?


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