Subject Re: [ib-support] Windows gbak and Classic Firebird for Linux
Author Marcin Bury
> > My gbak yields that cannot create the
> > backup file.
> >

I have following command line:

d:\gbak -b -user sysdba -password masterkey im:/db/cf.gdb im:/db/cf1.gbk

where d: - is Win2000 workstation with firebird working as a service (for
im is linux server with firebird classic (for testing)
/db is the link to the directory on linux server where gbd file is placed.

> What error message are you getting?
> Where are you trying to create the backup file?
> Does gbak have the correct OS level perms to create the file?

gbak reports error: cannot open backup file im:/db/c1.gbk

Is the only way to get my command working the replacing classic with
superserver one?