Subject Re: [ib-support] Accessing V5 IBDB with old app's TDatabase, Firebird & SQL Links
Author Helen Borrie
At 08:39 PM 15-07-02 +0930, Raymond Kennington wrote:
>I have a V5 IB DB that is accessed through TDatabase, SQL Links 3.5 and
>type alias.
>This worked fine on NT server 3.51 with Win95 clients.
>Now I want to run it on WinSE with FB.
>The database was accessible easily with IB_WISQL, so I know there's no
>problem with the
>database, but after installing SQL Links I get an 'Invalid Blob Handle'
>from the
>application and also when using IB_WISQL. IB_WISQL can still connect, but
>when I try to
>browse it the error occurs.

There are a couple of issues here.

Time for you to drop IB_WISQL and replace it with the more recent IB_SQL,
still free from the same source (, follow links
from the main page to download, or get from the Downloads page).

Older versions of IB Objects became incompatible with Firebird, with the
introduction of an SQL refinement into FB 1.0. A subsequent build (821)
that has this refinement commented out, is available; and all releases of
IB Objects from v.4.2Gc forward, will work fine with the original Firebird
1.0 build.

But IB_WISQL was never really developed with IB 6 and Firebird in view, and
you should get the most recent version of IB_SQL to replace it.

For BDE work with Firebird or IB 6, the old version of SQL Links can't be
depended on to work. I can't guess why a blob column (specifically) is
playing up; but in any case, if you plan to persevere with the BDE, you
are venturing into unsupported territory. Borland has released a "kind-of
fixed" BDE (5.2) for IB 6, which it is shipping with Delphi 6 Enterprise,
but it has problems...and Borland has made it clear that it is no longer
developing BDE drivers for client/server dbs. It is throwing its c/s
effort at DBExpress, Datasnap and DataCLX these days.

As for how to get BDE 5.2, AFAIK it is no longer a free download. You
would need to contact Borland sales for purchasing instructions.


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