Subject Re: [ib-support] New to Firebird Installation
Author bHatakeyama
oh, and also....

Are there plans by the Firebird team to have options for these
problems? Such as being able to specify the system 'isc4.gdb'
to another name.

What priorities are being given to addressing these issues?


bHatakeyama wrote:
> I'm new to Firebrd/Interbase and I've been reading up
> Windows XP installation issues from Borland's Community site:
> Windows XP "System Restore":
> "Unfortunately Windows XP Professional does a backup of the default
> InterBase file extension 'GDB'. Every time a file with the *.gdb
> file extension is attached to and modified it is automatically
> getting backed up by XP"
> I currently do not have an XP to test with but I'm sending
> my software to several people who do.
> 1. Do many users make use of this feature where they may not want
> to disable it?
> 2. Is this feature on by default?
> 3. Do most Firebird/IB installations turn off this feature?
> 4. I've read that this is an issue for Windows/ME as well but
> ME does not have the ability to turn it off. Is this true?
> 5. What do you do for ME users?
> Windows XP Fast User Switching
> "In our current release, InterBase must be installed by a
> member of the Administrator group and only allows users of
> this group to work when "Fast User Switching" is enabled."
> I'm not clear on what the problem is.
> 6. Does it mean that Non-Administators cannot install Firebird/IB?
> 7. What does it mean 'only allow users of this group to work'?
> 8. How does one disable "Fast User Switching"?
> TIA.
> bhatasub5