Subject Re: [ib-support] Indices and views
Author Christian G├╝tter
Hi Helen,

[snip Helen's odyssee]

then you should perhaps take some more time
for your well-deserved rest.

> Have you performed a SELECT * on this view to observe the
> cardinality of
> the rows? I suspect you will find they are ordered by

No, they are not ordered. They are listed in order of creation.
Why should they be ordered?

> If so,
> create another view, with NUMMER as the first column, then
> see whether your
> plan will be permitted then...

I did it - same result. It does not use the index.

> I wonder why you are joining to a view here.

There are two reasons for it:
1. I did not think I would get such problems when joining a view :-/
2. The join query is executed by users - and these users have
rights to access the view, but not the table.
Joining the table would require a change of the grants and it
would mean to make some fields publicly available which
ordinary users are not supposed to see.

Any more ideas?