Subject Re: [ib-support] Trigger to place date.
Author William L. Thomson Jr.
You could do it in a trigger, but I prefer to make a domain specifically
for this.

I call the domain DATE_NOW, it set it's base type to DATE and set the

Not to sure off hand how to do that in a trigger, but I would imagine it
to be similar.

Then when I insert a new row the date is automatically put in there for

Now I could see you wanting to do it with a trigger if you wanted the
date to change each time a update or something was made.

I would assume you would create a date var and set it's value to 'NOW'

I believe it's covered in the docs that I use but you must download them
and they are in pdf format. I have not found them on the web anywhere

Now I have a similar question for others, how can you add to a date?

Say you have a date and you need to be able to add x number of days to
the date. Any advice on that. I have not seen that covered in any docs
so far. Or I have not read where that is covered in the docs I have.

Hope that helps.

On Wed, 2002-07-10 at 15:14, jerrypark12357 wrote:
> I'm fairly new to Firebird/Interbase and am in the process of
> designing a database. I couldn't find in the documentation a method of
> creating a trigger to place the current date in a field. I understand
> how to create triggers, just don't know how to do this particular one.
> NEW."posting_date" = [what];
> thanks
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