Subject Re: Searchable message base of this forum
Author csswa
Ya know, what we really need is for some clever person to write a bot

1) connects to Yahoo and retrieves individual messages. e.g.{through to highest

2) parses the message body html -- your choice of tool (PHP, whatever)

3) indexes the message header and footer (poster, date, etc.)

4) indexes the message body contents (words), and stores the original

Now that would be sweet! Before you ask -- no, I'm far to lazy to do
it... although I do have some time on my hands... hmmmm...

Andrew Ferguson
-- Almost as good as UltraAndrew.

--- In ib-support@y..., "Carlos H. Cantu" <warmbooter@w...> wrote:
> Yes, that's what I want ! I just need a database containing the
> messages. It can be even a Outlook Express folder.
> []s
> Carlos
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> MG> Hi Helen,
> MG> Monday, July 08, 2002, you wrote:
> HB>> Accusez as you will, I said MY archive topped 11,000. The
> HB>> asked for a *searchable* archive. Comprennez?
> MG> Hi guess he is building a searchable archive.
> MG> So, if you have an archive (even YOUR archive) maybe he may
> MG> messages from it and make them searchable! ^_^
> MG> It would be useful!!! :)
> MG> Kind regards,
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