Subject Re: [ib-support] Re: MySQL vs. Firebird / Interbase
Author Javier Rodríguez
Just now , I'm working in making the nusphere package (that comes with
PHP+Apache+MySQL in an integrated bundle) to drop the MySQL part and use FB.
It comes with a really cute ready-to-deploy-website that is pdp-db
controlled. To create a database in firebird that makes for the one in mysql
is not the problem. To mask the php calls that makes the db part going on
is. PEAR is not all that DB-independent that it proclaims , but for the
things i had made to work , the speed is simply ORDERS of magnitude
superior. And then , there are things that can be done in FB that simply
does not exist in MySQL , so ..

Now , you can copy&paste this mail to all your favourite MySQL-FB
battlefields ;)

Handle with care.