Subject Re: [ib-support] MySQL vs. Firebird / Interbase
Author Scott Taylor
At 04:12 PM 08/07/2002, you wrote:

<snip ramble>

Of course Firebird offers a lot more than MySQL, it was spawned from
Interbase after all. As much as I appreciate MySQL, apples and oranges
compare better than MySQL and Firebird. MySQL has some great uses, and
it's a good starting point for some that want to get into SQL, but it's not
comparable, now MS SQL would be. As far as I am concerned, Firebird even
offers more than MS SQL, starting with stability, and, yes, a friendly
licensing scheme.

>So the question is, if all of this is true, why isn't
>Firebird becoming more popular?

What do you mean? I started using it didn't I? You are looking into it;
doesn't that make it more popular.

>Is it just a question of time or a lack of evangelization?

Yes. I think you just answered you own question, therefore: rhetorical.