Subject Re: MySQL vs. Firebird / Interbase
Author csswa
Doug, I posted to IBDI a while ago about the crazy idea of an
organized effort to seek out new developers for Firebird. The idea
was: if db developers out there learn about Firebird and what it can
do, perhaps they would eschew MySQL etc. and flock over here. There
was zero enthusiasm from IBDI members on that one. I'd float the
same idea in regard to lifting Firebirds's profile on the net, but
again I might be on my own here in wanting to rally the troops in an
organized manner.

The reason MySQL is popular is because 1) it got the 'buzz' early
with the opensource/web movement and got affiliated with a 'package'
solution (Apache + PHP + MySQL); and 2) it does the job. Of course
Firebird can do just as good a job and then some. We know that. The
problem is, most of the world's opensource db developers don't.

Yes, FB is young so give it time. But a little push into the
limelight wouldn't be so bad, I figure. Gotta do something to catch
the buzz. Because of its widespread use and developer support, in a
few years MySQL will likely have all of the functionality of FB, and
then there will be little to convince db developers to switch trains.

Rant off.

Andrew Ferguson
-- Conformists make good dogs.

--- In ib-support@y..., Doug Chamberlin <DChamberlin@A...> wrote:
> At 07/08/2002 07:12 PM (Monday), Jon Perez wrote:
> >So the question is, if all of this is true, why isn't
> >Firebird becoming more popular? Is it just a question
> >of time or a lack of evangelization?
> Both. Firebird is relatively young. We have also been focused on
> a stable version with some long needed enhancements and bug fixes.
With the
> advent of Firebird 2.0 we should be ready to rock and roll big
time. (Some
> would say we are already ready!)
> If you took essentially the same message you wrote here and posted
it 10
> other places (that MySQL people frequent) then you would be doing
your part.