Subject Re: Searchable message base of this forum
Author g868avx

I'm sure there would be many people interested in the idea of an
easily searchable archive of this group's traffic (if it was more
efficiently searchable than the Yahoo Group itself is).

I've been spending the past few months evaluating relational
databases for my own business. I work with Oracle professionally,
but I'm going to base my business on Firebird or Postgres. I sure
would love to be able to have access to your archive as a
agglomeration of this group's traffic (even 18 months of traffic
would probably be able to answer the bulk of my questions). Don't
get me wrong - it is great to see so much activity in this group.
Gives me a good feeling about plumping for Firebird.

Might I suggest that you upload the mailbox into the files section of
the group? I don't know if that would breach some regulation on
filesize or not, but it would make it available to more people.


--- In ib-support@y..., Markus Ostenried <chef_007@g...> wrote:
> Hi Carlos,
> I have an Eudora Mailbox with the last 11,000 messages
> (since March 2001). 42 MB, as .zip file: 7 MB. I can split
> the zip file and mail it to you or upload it somewhere.
> I could convert the mailbox from Eudora to Outlook first,
> too. Just let me know.
> bye,
> Markus
> At 11:17 Sunday, 07.07.2002 -0300, you wrote:
> >Hi !
> >I want to build a searchable base with the messages of this forum.
> >Anyone knows a way to get the old messages ?