Subject Re: Web server?
Author csswa
Apache + PHP + Firebird. Works a treat. Apache has good support for
PHP, and PHP has good support for Interbase. It really does not get
much easier than that to go from zero to web-enabled in a matter of
days -- and at zero cost!

Will take you an hour to install and configure all, then maybe a
couple hours to learn basic PHP and be producing your first tables in
a browser. When you get confident you can check out further PHP
coolness in the form of Smarty Templates, caching, etc. Amazing to
realize that you can web- and LAN-enable your Interbase database
(browser GUI only) without ever needing Delphi or any other middleman.

Andrew Ferguson
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--- In ib-support@y..., lester@l... wrote:
> OK - I have a number of applications using Firebird and
> running fine (24/7) but now I need to add a 'web interface'
> so that people can use a browser to see the resulting
> information. Simple I thought, but at present I am going
> round in circles.
> Option 1
> Modify the code that produces text pages to give formated
> html.
> This will work but is not very flexible, can use FastReport
> to add flexability, but don't think this is the right
> starting point.
> Option 2
> A new application that accesses the database and produces
> the pages and can be made more flexible. All my stuff uses
> IBObjects so again, no problems working that way. My own web
> server?
> Option 3
> jdbc
> I have Interclient running on both windows and linux and can
> access both from a third party tool, but not from the
> included test page.
> I can't get the new driver to work ( at present ) but I am
> not sure if this is the right approach anyway, I thing I
> need something server side that builds pages, rather than
> client side.
> Option 4
> Scrap Firebird and use something that is already web enabled
> - it IS an option, but not one I really want to concider.
> Something that will work with apachee perhaps.
> Anybody got any other suggestions, or preferably a stronger
> reason for one of the above options.
> The target pages in the first instance are simply lists such
> as the next set of train departures, or the callers waiting
> on a referal queue to be seen. So nothing needs to go back (
> at present <g> ), but the ability to select say a time, or a
> queue number may be required.
> I will need to run from linux as well as windows in future,
> but it is a flexible approach that I am looking for.
> I pointed stick to push me in the right direction would
> help.
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