Subject Re: [ib-support] Serialization?
Author Raul Chirea

From: "Matteo Giacomazzi" <matteo.giacomazzi@...>

> I meant "procedure" in a "workflow" environment! :)
> That is: the sequence of operations performed to accomplish a task! :)

Good !

> Well, if the server keep blocked only clients that would insert the
> same rows, there's no problem.

IB/FB has row level locking support, so it locks only that rows that ... !
However, it has table level locking also but this is not the default
behaviour !

> I wonder if the server keep blocked all the clients that want to
> perform an INSERT into the same table: this one could be a problem!
> Because the server would allow only one client per time to perform a
> download and this thing will compromise any kind of parallel download.

Don't wary about it if not using table level locking !

> Maybe the default transaction option "SNAPSHOT" means that only the
> "same rows" are taken under control?

Wrong ! Read API guide - transactions chapter ! It will bring some light on
transactions types and properties.

Regards !