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I have windows XP home edition. The download created a Firebird folder. In the folder was the circular Firebird icon, showing 1.6 MB I think I recall (I've since deleted it). I clicked this, got the hourglass briefly and then back to the pointer. Nothing else happened. No I didn't check the Task Manager, but if Firebird was running, what would I see?
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Subject: Re: [ib-support] download

At 02:19 AM 05-07-02 +0000, you wrote:
>I tried to download Firebird. It seemed to go fine. However, no
>shortcut was created. And when I clicked the Firebird icon
>essentially nothing happened. Any clues anyone?

<sigh> Provide more information please:

1. What operating system platform? (Please don't just say "Windows" or
2. If any flavour of Windows, have you checked your services and/or Task
Manager to see whether it is already running? or the PID on Linux?
3. When you say "clicked the Firebird icon", what are you referring
to? An icon in a directory? an icon in the tray? something in the
Control Panel? If Linux, where did you see the icon?


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