Subject Re: [ib-support] Transactions in stored procedures
Author Matteo Giacomazzi
Hi Jason,

Friday, July 05, 2002, you wrote:

JW> Let me put it another way, executing a stored procedure is like
JW> having it run in its own nested transaction. Either it succeeds
JW> and all the work it performed is now a part of the clients
JW> transaction or it fails (at any point) and all the work it
JW> performed is cancelled and not a part of the client transaction.

JW> So, the moral to the story is, whatever you need nested
JW> transactions for just put all the work in a single stored proc and
JW> you have your nested transaction.

Okay, but what kind of isolation do I get in that way?
I mean, may I trust on the fact that they are atomic?
That is: if two different processes execute the same stored procedure
are they "serialized" or not? Or they may "overlap" in some way?
This is the real thing I'm interested in!

Thank you!

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