Subject Re: [ib-support] Newbie Alert can anyone help
Author William L. Thomson Jr.
I would suggest going to the Cobalt Developers Mailing list archives
starting from August of 2000 and look through the posts.

I have made many posts to that list, and have been down the path you are
getting ready to travel.

If it helps look out for my name in the posts. If you get stuck feel
free to ask me questions, but like others have said. Do not ask before
looking and trying yourself.

If you ask me how to questions without looking, I will not answer, nor
will most. As we have better things to do than walk you step bye step
through it.

Now for the most part the info you are seeking is out there everywhere.
You may be able to do a Google search with my name and InterBase and
find all kinds of stuff. If you do not then look in the archives as
mentioned above. I made a few post to some old InterBase news groups,
but they were few and possible hard to find. The Cobalt Developer
Mailing List archives are most likely the best place.

Now I do not mean to come off rude. Once you get in the trenches and get
your hands nice and dirty, you will find many including myself being
more than willing to help out.

But no one will hold your hand. At least not for free. :)

I can hold your hand for a hundred or so dollars and hour, as I am sure
many others would to. ;)

On Thu, 2002-07-04 at 20:44, mikevallender wrote:
> Hi all.
> I have just started with Interbase, I dont come from a programming or
> DBA background, more product management, but would like to develop my
> DB skills.
> I have a sun cobolt Raq4, which comes with interbase 6 installed, I
> have downloaded the windows release of IB 6 and now I am trying to
> work out how to connect the 2 together.
> It asks me to register a server, but I cant seem to work out how to
> do this?
> Any help would be appreciated.
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