Subject Re: [ib-support] Install Firebird in lunix mandrake
Author Mark O'Donohue
Hi Carlos

Carlos Alberto Lima dos Santos wrote:
> I have installed the linuz mandrake 8.2 and installed fire bird super
> server (.tar.gz). But when I connectinf to the IB occurs the following
> messages:
> -unable to complete network request to hos "localhost"
> -failed to stablish a connection
> -connection refused
> -usable to open database

I use mandrake as well, so it should work.

Things to check

The usual problem is:
/etc/hosts.equiv needs to have localhost.localdomain in it to connect
to the server (it needs to have this to allow local validation against
the user database isc4.gdb).

Also make sure your using known users, perhaps use
isql -u sysdba -p masterkey to make sure.

But other things to check:

/etc/services (as already suggested)

telnet localhost 3050 -- see if connection can be got.

check /opt/interbase/interbase.log

netstat -an | grep 3050 -- see if service has started properly.

/etc/init.d/firebird restart - to restart

Finally if there are missing dependancies try running the executable itself.
/opt/interbase/bin/ibserver - if there are libraries missing it will
tell you.

But 90% of the time it's to do with /etc/hosts.equiv file or not using a
valid user name, so try those first.