Subject Re: [ib-support] GBAK issues
Author Frank Ingermann
Hi Sean,

Leyne, Sean wrote:
>>They are created - but not where you expect. Do a file search and you
>>will find them. The only way to avoid this is to be a little more
>>specific in your file naming.
> Worthy of a Feature Request?
> It seems natural that the backup/restore path should default to the path
> of the source, thoughts?

definetly right - when you edit a text file, the .bak will end up in the
same dir as the original too, not in system32 ;-)

but seriously, another aspect are read/write permissions. it is clear
that gbak will have rights in the gdb directory, whereas this is not
certain for <wherever else the gks would go>. Any change that avoids
these kind of problems is always welcome!

just my 0.02 eur -
when parsers parse, and compilers compile, then why don't objects object?

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