Subject Re: [ib-support] Using FB as an embeded app
Author Raul Chirea
Hi Paul,

From: "Paul Reeves" <paul@...>

> The only thing that the current build supports is specification of a
> different port to listen on. However, you cannot run multiple servers
> under Win32 because of named pipe conflicts.

I see ! Win32 is the most interesting from the embeded server perspective
(you know: you can explain un*x admins what to do and they'll probably
understand but for win32 users this is not so probable - no offence !)

> Basically, the current design will not support what you want to do but
> it could be changed if that is what was required.

If understood well, the FB developers doesn't want to do much changes to
FB1, but this feature should be considered at least in FB2. It's useful not
only to create embeded server distributions but for virtual servers, etc.,
What should I do ? Should I post this to firebird-devel, too ?