Subject Re: [ib-support] large deletions
Author Raul Chirea
Hi _Helen_,

From: "Helen Borrie" <helebor@...>

> > create view ... as select * from THAT_TABLE where ACTIVE = 'Y';
> >
> >selecting from that view shoud be fast enough because the count of the
> >"active rows" it will be small.
> Why add the overhead of a view, when the direct SQL has exactly the same
> output?

That's exactly what I would said if I wasn't so laisy !

> I'm the one-L Helen but it wasn't I who said that. As for maximum rows

Yes, I observed the confusion I've made ! Sorry ! It was Ann !

> I'm the one-L Helen

Again, excuse me for the misspell ! I'm deeply sory !
I'm new to the list and untill I'll get acustomed with the persons ...

> db; and frequent small delete batches are a lot more hygienic that
> apocalyptic purges.

I, absolutelly, agree with this !
But I presented just an option in this case. Jason is the one who needs to
choose between the options ! Imagine a case when the "very-large-table" is
referenced by a foreign key and one cannot delete those rows at all, or when
one needs them for historycal purposes. And, apropos, if those rows have
such a short life, why to put them in a database, anyway (you can take this
as a joke, but in some cases it may be a question to be asked ;-) ?


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