Subject Re: [ib-support] Users group conference ...
Author Claus Heeg
Hi I'd like to join a Firebird Meeting
Claus Heeg Transfertex

>At 07/02/2002 01:58 PM (Tuesday), Jason Chapman (JAC2) wrote:
>>If you are in the UK or would travel to the UK or would come to a User Group
>>meeting or whatever, send me a mail, no promises, just a straw poll.
>>Helpful Info:
>>1) Transfertex, Germany ,
>>2) Claus Heeg, IT Management
>>3) willing to pay the going rate of 100 - 500 per day for a conference; USD / Euro OK or what ?
>>4) willing to pay the going rate of 10 - 100 per day for a users meeting ; USD / EURO OK