Subject Re: Is there any UNIQUE limit?
Author mgiacoma2002
Hi Nando,

I have to reply using the web interface because, I don't know why, I
don't receive list messages to my e-mail address (even if I set up it

--- In ib-support@y..., Nando Dessena <nandod@d...> wrote:
> not exactly, but there is one on the size of an index. A UNIQUE
> contraint is implemented by means of an underlying index, which has a
> maximum "key size" of approx. 240 bytes.

Oh, okay, I understood the problem now.
Well, maybe I could reduce the length of the strings or maybe I could
make one more normalization step on the DB and put one of them in
another table...

Well, thank you!
Now I know it isn't a bug! :)

Bye - ciao!

- Matteo -