Subject Re: [ib-support] Re: Interbase safe on internet?
Author Artur Anjos
Does it help if I write something about my experience with it?

My English isn't good (as you can notice) but I'm working on a document to
the 'Portuguese-Spoken Firebird Community' with this subject. I can try to
translate it to English, but I will need someone to take a look and correct
the English.

Artur Anjos

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Subject: Re: [ib-support] Re: Interbase safe on internet?

> At 07/01/2002 02:31 PM (Monday), Artur Anjos wrote:
> >[Helen, before you put that beautiful head on and kick us out of here - I
> >think this isn't off topic, because FB does not have any kind of IP
> >compression/encryption build in and this could make a difference in
> >connections].
> I also think this is relevant to Firebird since we have not yet decided to
> add compression or encryption to Firebird itself. If there are several of
> us using ZeBeDee for these functions then (eventually) we can make it a
> recommended solution and write up a how-to for it. After all, it is GPL.
> Wish I'd known about it long before this!