Subject Re: [ib-support] Re: Interbase safe on internet?
Author Artur Anjos

Lester: give it a try. If you want I can email the author about that
IE/Nescape problem.

( I remember that you mention that one of your clients use slow links ( 64Kb
frame really with IP encapsulate, am I wrong? ). In this case, you will have
a good improvement using just the IP compression capabilities, not the
security ones.)

For the beginning, I think that Firebird should have compression built in.
Of course that are lot's of hardware that do this, but it's one thing that
PostreSQL has, and it make a difference when you use the internet.

[Helen, before you put that beautiful head on and kick us out of here - I
think this isn't off topic, because FB does not have any kind of IP
compression/encryption build in and this could make a difference in internet

I did test another tools to achieve better performance on the internet and
on slow links. One of my clients had a 128Kb to connect a remote office with
8 workstations, and it's better now using a cheaper 64Kb line and ZeBeDee.

Does anyone tried another IP compression/encryption that could share with

Artur Anjos

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> > I still have access...
> > And to the sourceforge also!
> >
> > Strange, Lester.... Maybe some DNS problems?
> Cracked it - Site is totally inaccessable from Netscape4.7x
> - straight in from IE but that just means that I can be
> bothered with it IE is not acceptable on the sites that
> could use zebedee.
> A bit of a contradiction really - a security feature that
> can only be accessed from a security nightmare <g>
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