Subject Re: [ib-support] Firebird vs IB6.5
Author Helen Borrie
At 02:02 AM 30-06-02 -0700, Gary Benner wrote:
>HI all,
>I've been trying to convince a fellow developer to use Firebird. His
>application is currently running on IB 6.5.
>Are there any issues here, and is there any documentation with a feature

Hi Gary,
The Firebird 1 release notes have detailed descriptions of language
enhancements and bug fixes. The IBDocs folder of the IB 6.5 distribution
contains the r/notes for IB 6.5 (surprise!) From both it should be pretty
simple to work out the differences.

FB 1 doesn't have the XML filter and it implements SELECT FIRST m SKIP n
instead of LIMIT; and FB (unlike IB) is intolerant of ambiguous SQL in
joins. If your friend bought IB 6.5 Enterprise (I think) he probably got
developer licensing for IBReplicator and Easysoft ODBC. With FB he needs
to purchase those - I don't know how far the licensing of those products
extends beyond the boundaries of the IB licensing...

The main differences he'll notice is in bug resolution as compared to
6.01. We don't know what bugs Borl fixed in 6.5.

Kia ora!

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