Subject Re: [ib-support] Transactions
Author Jason Chapman (JAC2)
""mivi71dk"" <Michael.Vilhelmsen@...> wrote in message
> Hi
> Oldest transaction 1574
> Oldest active 16689
> Oldest snapshot 16689
> Next transaction 16690
> 1.
> A Rollback.
> But When I disconnect from the DB correctly, the values changes to
> almost the same.
> Will the Oldest Active stay as is, until I do a disconnect from the
> DB ?
This is exactly what it says on the tin, i.e. the oldest tx that is still
active, it will staty the same until that oldest active transaction is
committed or rolled back by the client holding the transaction. In the
above case it is likely to be the tool that you are using to look at the
> 2.
> A crash on the client side.
> This will make some transactions "hanging".
> When will they be released ?
When the server realises the client has gone away. It pings the client
periodically and after persistant fails, it decides the client has gone away
and notes a 10054 (if using a tcp/ip connection).

This can be a bit misleading as the client EXE may have crashed, but
gds32.dll on the client may still be alive and responding to the ping.

Anyway, typically 2 minutes + before the serve issues a rollback.

> Another appl. uses BDE to connect.
> Here I use standard D5 DB Comp.
> Here I can only do a StartTransaction, a Commit or a Rollback.
> Whenever I do a StartTransAction, I always do a Commit or a Rollback
> as well.
Bear in mind that the BDE can start its own transactions as well.

> My clients all uses BDE version 5.11.
> When testing here in my own network, I never got my transactions fra
> from each other.
> But they do on my customers LAN.
The oldest transaction sticks when you change some data and then issue a
The oldest active often due to clients leaving their machines on.

> On some occations I have gotten my own values some away from each
> other, but they have always come close togehter when the connection
> to the DB closes.
The oldest is the only one that should stick at this point. It will be
cleared by a sweep.