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Author Artur Anjos

You're right. You can have a peer-to-peer network without NetBeui. You can
use the win98 as your database server as you are already doing (with
TCP/IP) - 'you can' is different from 'you should'.

Helen did misunderstood the 'peer-to-peer' concept, but she (as always) did
mention some very good advices on this kind of network:

a) Use NT or W2K as the server (there is a problem with XP that could make
it not suitable - see the Release Notes). In fact, Win98 will not be a very
good server. You can use the Workstation versions of NT or W2K without any
b) Use a dedicated server. In this kind of situation, it's usual to use one
of the machines as the server: is this case you will have a big problem to
deal with in the server: the user! (Applications could freeze, user can
simple turn off the computer, and so on).
c) Avoid NetBeui and use TCP/IP.
d) This job should be done by someone that is familiar with M$ network.
e) This is an IB/FB support list, not a network support list. :)

Artur Anjos

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Does Peer to Peer stipulate NetBEUI. I thought it was only a network
without a domain controller. In my Peer to Peer implementation, I used a
WIN98 database server using TCP/IP. It uses Interbase 5+, not Firebird. I
plan to upgrade to Firebird, will there be a problem?

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At 03:19 PM 24-06-02 +0200, Dirk Schiffler wrote:
>can I use IB in a peer-to-peer network

yes, on Windows NT, 2K pro or better, XP pro or better. Win95/98/ME can't
be database servers. You can use any 32-bit Windows client.

>without problems?

Probably not. NetBEUI is a very "noisy" network protocol because the
database server has to share communications with a lot of services. You
will be almost guaranteed to have a lot of downtime due to broken network
connections. Don't try to make the database server a file server or any
other sort of server: database servers need to have a monopoly on the
machine resources.

>Who must be configure the network?

The network administrator.

>Who can I connect to the database in a peer-to-peer network?

Consult your Windows networking guide. This list isn't a Windows support
list. For information about the correct setup and connection strings for
InterBase or Firebird clients, see the Borland InterBase Operations Guide
or the Using Firebird manuals.

If possible, use TCP/IP and not peer-to-peer, unless your workgroup is very
small (1-3 users).

Please do not cross-post to our lists. Thanks.


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